I am on a personal mission to lose 25pds in six months. I hope that this diary will motivate and help you in your weight loss journey. Please feel free to join me on my journey and read all about my plans and progress. Let the journey begin!


Day 1 of Power 90 177lbs Day 1 Of P90X 164lbs

Day 1 P90X 3:58 PM

Well I have completed Power 90.  I've lost 15 pounds!  I feel great! 

It took me about a month and a half to really get into the program and get seriouse.  I was sick for a couple weeks.  I know that if I got seriouse right at the starting, I would of lost more weight, but that's alright because now I have all the tools I need and can focus on P90X.

I stay motivated daily by watching a show called X-Weighted.  It is a bout people the same as me, getting healthy over the course of six months.  I love it and have learned a lot from it. 

I have cut out gluten for three weeks now.  There are a lot of substitutes, so I really do not miss it at all. 
I have been eating a lot of meat, rice, vegies and fruit.  I love it. I feel full and satisfied all day.  There are somedays that I crave chips or a chocolate bar.  I do give into that temptation, and start fresh the next day.  The really good thing is that when I have a craving I do not binge anymore.  I just have a little bit and feel satisfied.  I feels amazing to finally have some control over food!  The food diary was the missing link in the past.  It has kept me accountable, and watching everything that goes into my mouth.  It is a must for weight loss and I think that at the end of my journey I will still keep a food journal.  It will keep me on track. The last thing I want is to go back to my old ways and gain back everything I worked so hard to lose. 

Ok, so today I started P90X.  I chose the lean program, so my first work out was core synergistics.
When I did P90x last year, I honestly hated core synergistics.  It was so hard and I hated all the rolling on the floor.  Actually I hated it all. 

I am happy to say that today I LOVE CORE SYNERGISTICS!  I was amazed with how my body moved this time and the moves that were really hard last year were still hard, but I could actually do them!  Last year they were so hard that I gave up and felt discouraged. 
This time around I have a post work out drink that is full of the stuff my body needs to recover well from the stress it just went through.  I can't wait to complete cardio x tomorrow. 

My Plan and Goals 9:42 AM

When you are facing any kind of challenge in life you have to have a plan.  Weight loss definitely is a challenge for some people.  My plan is to not yo-yo diet, which I had done for years.  I want to change my lifestyle and get healthy again. 

I quit smoking back in October.  I am doing really good.  I don't even think about cigarettes.  I am just focused on getting healthy.  I am really proud of my self because I have quit smoking at least ten times in the past, and have always started again.  This time feels much different.  I have replaced bad habits with new ones and like I said I really want to live
a healthy life, I'm almost thirty so it's time to really do it this time. 

The plan is to do Power 90 at Home Boot Camp by Tony Horton.  It is a 90 day program.
When April comes around I want to start P90X by Tony Horton.  I tried P90X last year and did not complete it because I was not in good enough physical condition.  You may not be aware of what P90X is.
It is an extreme home work out program that gets you totally ripped in 90days.  It is better to have completed other programs like Power 90 first.  When the starting of July comes around my goal is to be a P90X grad!  I hope to be down 25 pounds, and a size 7 or 5.  I can't wait to get into my old jeans and skirts again!

I am not going to diet.  I am going to follow the blood type diet.  According to my blood type I should cut out gluten completely.  Gluten actually makes blood type O's put on fat instead of burning fat.  There are also some other foods that I need to avoid.  The Blood Type diet is a way of life, not just for weight loss.  By eating proper foods for my blood type I can have a healthy life in general, which is exactly what I am striving for.

I will keep track of everything that goes into my mouth, by keeping a food journal.  I have all the vitamins, protein power and recovery drink to help me with my energy levels and help my muscles recover faster.
Well that is my plan let's see how I do.........

About Me 9:11 AM

For about ten years of my life I was very close to a very influential person.  He is a personal trainer and a body builder.  Over the ten years, I learned many different types of diets and exercise.  Everyday I learned something about weight loss and gaining muscle.  I felt great and was in awesome shape.

When my husband and I found out that I was pregnant, I was a smoker at the time (struggled with smoking for years) I decided to quit for my health and our baby.   During my pregnancy I gained 100pds.  I know that the reason why I gained so much was because of replacing cigarettes with food.
I exercised and did a lot of yoga through out my pregnancy, but still gained a lot. At the moment I knew that "what I put in my mouth" had a direct impact on my body.  I knew that for years, but didn't know it for a reality in my life.

After having my beautiful baby girl I weight 200pds!  I was devastated, but motivated to quickly get it off.
For the past two years I have struggled with my weight loss and have not really gotten anywhere.

I wanted to start this blog to help me stay motivated and finally lose 50pds for real this time.  I want to help and encourage others, because I know that I am not the only one out there struggling to loss weight. 

So here I go and I hope you will join me.........